Gareth Ari Aye

Sr. Engineering Manager, Machine Learning

Resume: 01/12/2022


🎓 MS Computer Science — Machine Learning, Columbia University

🎓 BA Computer Science, Middlebury College


💼 Three years at Facebook, two years at Google, three years at Firefox, and four years at startups

🔨 Creator, LaTeX Base

🏆 Winner of Portland Startup Week Demo Competition

I began my career in software development in 2011 and worked on everything from web ui to backend services to build and test systems. I went back to school and graduated with an MS Computer Science - Machine Learning in 2019. Later that year, an ML-for-code project I founded at Google launched as ML Code Completion for Dart. In 2020, I transitioned into organizational leadership with a focus on applied machine learning.





Event Date Time Pace
1M 10/25/20 6:45 6:45
5k 05/02/22 22:40 7:18
5M 01/06/21 39:00 7:48
10k 10/16/20 49:27 7:57
10M 10/03/21 1:22:59 8:18
Half Marathon 10/03/21 1:49:43 8:23
Marathon 10/03/21 3:49:32 8:45


Kind Grade Route
Redpoint 5.12a [Smith Rock] Cool Ranch Flavor Extension
[Broughton Bluff] Dracula
Flash 5.11b [Smith Rock] Blue Light Special
Boulder V5 [Columbia River Gorge] Widowmaker
9c Climbing Test
Exercise Score
Max finger strength, ~20 mm crimp (5s) 200% body weight
Max pull-up (one rep) 160% body weight
Core strength 20s L-sit
Deadhang 3m30s
Sport Climbing
5.11a 9 Blasphemy, Smith Rock
Entering Relativity, Smith Rock
Hanging Judge, Broughton Bluff
Magic Light Start, Smith Rock
More Sandy than Kevin, Smith Rock
The Struggle Within Start, Smith Rock
Welcome to the Jungle, Broughton Bluff
Woman in the Meadow, Smith Rock
Zebra Direct, Smith Rock
5.11b 6 Blue Light Special, Smith Rock
Bolt from the Blue Start, Smith Rock
Cool Ranch Flavor, Smith Rock
Rise Up, Rocky Butte
Toxic, Smith Rock
Vomit Launch, Smith Rock
5.11c 2 American Nirvana, Smith Rock
Moondance, Smith Rock
5.11d 0
5.12a 2 Cool Ranch Flavor Extension, Smith Rock
Dracula, Broughton Bluff