Gareth Ari Aye

Engineering Manager, Machine Learning

Resume: 05/24/2022


🎓 MS Computer Science — Machine Learning, Columbia University

🎓 BA Computer Science, Middlebury College


💼 Three years at Facebook, three years at Google, three years at Firefox, and three years at startups

🔨 Creator, LaTeX Base

🏆 Winner of Portland Startup Week Demo Competition

I began my career in software development in 2011 and worked on everything from web ui to backend services to build and test systems. I went back to school and graduated with an MS Computer Science - Machine Learning in 2019. Later that year, an ML-for-code project I founded at Google launched as ML Code Completion for Dart. In 2020, I transitioned into organizational leadership at Facebook with a focus on applied machine learning.





Kind Grade Route
Redpoint 7b+ [Broughton Bluff] Heart of Darkness
Flash 6c+ [Broughton Bluff] Critical Mass
Outdoor Boulder V5 [Columbia River Gorge] Widowmaker
Indoor Boulder V7 [The Circuit] 1 2 3 4
Sport Climbing
6c/+ 28 ⚡ [Broughton Bluff] Critical Mass
⚡ [Broughton Bluff] Darkness Falls
✅ [Broughton Bluff] Grave Digger
✅ [Broughton Bluff] Hard Body
✅ [Broughton Bluff] Law of the Jungle
⚡ [Broughton Bluff] Natural Mystic
⚡ [Broughton Bluff] Tombraider
✅ [Broughton Bluff] Total Depravity
✅ [Broughton Bluff] Vlad the Impaler
✅ [Broughton Bluff] Well Digger
✅ [Broughton Bluff] Wretched Love Affair
✅ [Carver] Challenger
✅ [Carver] Smerk
✅ [French's Dome] China Syndrome
✅ [Ozone] Chainmail
⚡ [Ozone] Mrs. Norris
✅ [Ozone] Route 66
✅ [Red River Gorge] Kyle's Mom is a Big Fat *****
⚡ [Rocky Butte] Communication Breakdown
✅ [Smith Rock] American Nirvana
⚡ [Smith Rock] Blue Light Special
✅ [Smith Rock] Bolt from the Blue Start
✅ [Smith Rock] Cool Ranch Flavor
⚡ [Smith Rock] Lightly Toasted
✅ [Smith Rock] Moondance
✅ [Smith Rock] Pouches
✅ [Smith Rock] Toxic
✅ [Smith Rock] Vomit Launch
7a/+ 13 ✅ [Broughton Bluff] Bloodsucker
✅ [Broughton Bluff] Dracula
✅ [Broughton Bluff] Kashmir
✅ [Broughton Bluff] Necromancer
✅ [Broughton Bluff] The Wretched of the Earth
✅ [Carver] Angular Motion
✅ [Ozone] The Crumbling
✅ [Ozone] The Humbling
✅ [Rocky Butte] Under Pressure
✅ [Red River Gorge] Hippie Core Drill Machine
✅ [Smith Rock] Blackened
✅ [Smith Rock] Bolt from the Blue
✅ [Smith Rock] Cool Ranch Flavor Extension
7b/+ 4 ✅ [Broughton Bluff] Firestorm
✅ [Broughton Bluff] Heart of Darkness
✅ [Ozone] Grace
✅ [Smith Rock] Immortal for a Limited Time
7c/+ 0
Indoor Bouldering
V7 8
V8 0
V9 0
9c Climbing Test
Exercise Score
Max finger strength, ~20 mm crimp (5s) 180% body weight
Max pull-up (one rep) 160% body weight
Core strength 20s L-sit
Deadhang 3m30s


Event Date Time Pace
1M 10/25/20 6:45 6:45
5k 05/02/22 22:40 7:18
5M 01/06/21 39:00 7:48
10k 10/16/20 49:27 7:57
10M 10/03/21 1:22:59 8:18
Half Marathon 09/26/22 1:48:53 8:19
Marathon 10/03/21 3:49:32 8:45